Know Company Culture before Awarding Your Project Part 3

Extending thread from Part 2, I would like to keep discussion on opensource platform and we shall now jump from PHP to the next most popular opensource language JAVA today.

About Java Culture

Before a half decade Java become infamous against the rival opensource languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, etc. due to its rigidity on J2EE or Swing and Sun’s failure to be contemporary to focus on the growth rather than cash it in the market.

Android Infusing Oxygen

Fortunately, Google has revived its status again by posing Android based on it and established new trends to make the Java cool again through high quality libraries and augmentation of JVM to meet the recent challenges on the web and mobile sphere.

Notable Advantages

Although, Java has several advantages based on its philosophy attached such as it is highly portable language and derived from C or C++ class syntax with some automatic memory management features. Since modern era is of OOP Android and Java have object orientation inherently.

When you are going to select a suitable Java developers for you there would be a precautionary question that whether he or she is familiar with good IDE for Java or not because Java is not PHP so it needs a definite IDE like Eclipse to go smoothly and rapidly.

Java has one more advantage that threading is a way to go and have pretty JVM to manage many things in advance as well as secure code and environment for better security features. However, in practice today Java is becoming extinct against the rise of Android and its biggest rival PHP.

Python—A Well Established Language

Before PHP era, web and computer software developers were cherishing two main languages for dynamic programming and they were Ruby (Ruby On Rails) and Python. As per my experiences, Python is designed for seasoned developers to meet their end through a single straight way because in Python you can’t go outside the one defined way to do things. Therefore, Python is still famous for backend applications like NLP, Biotech, SOA, etc. elements

Pros & Cons of Python

Despite their dynamic nature Ruby and Python both suffering from some obvious drawbacks like failure on performance credentials and concurrency. However, some classic and some fresher still preferring coding in Python due to its quality to produce superb documents and its best libraries to tackle intricate problems custom ways. Python is great for teamwork as it is process oriented approaches are good enough for a good collaborative team. Therefore, it is favorite among the seasoned, pragmatic, experienced, and full-stack developers who are thriving for modern yet well-proven dynamic web development languages.



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