Gestalt Principles Sit At the Foundation of Everything We Do Visually As Web Designers Part 1

Gestalt had drawn some useful principles in human psychology and we web designers always and all time dealing with human psychology anyhow. Therefore, today I have decided to introduce some useful principles and their importance in web designing process.

Every individual have a different perception. They perceive things and objects in their own way. Human being when looks at an object he perceives it entirely before she sees the particular object. Human sees an object as whole before she starts seeing its parts and looking minutely about its features. Humans tend to see the objects in a group rather than as different objects, whether they may relate or not. Technically human brain has a few characteristics in which it collects information and perceives the environment around it. Following are the ways in which an individual perceives objects.


Emergence is the process of forming complex patterns with the help of simple rules. When an individual attempts to identify an object she looks at the outline first. Only after identifying outline, she matches the shapes and parts of that object and gets the clear picture of it. Emergence is a way in which an individual processes the information that she receives from his perception and draws a result.

Perceptual organization

Perceptual organization is a way in which an object that is perceived contains more spatial information then what is actually present. Generally, humans match the patters of what they see to the patterns of the objects that are actually present in their memory. Moreover, always there is no exact match present. They find a near match, fill in the gaps and spaces with it, and perceive an object in that manner.


Human brain is active in such a way that it does not rest on an object for a certain time but keeps on moving over the other information inputs that it receives. Multi-stability is the tendency of human brain to dodge between the objects perceived at a time and their alternative interpretations. An individual can perceive an object in more than one way. She is not capable of seeing both at the same time but dodges between two alternatives quickly.


Human brain is capable enough of identifying an object or processing information by just from a clue given to it. Invariance is a way of perception in which an individual perceives a single object and recognizes it independently whether of its rotation, translation or scale. Despite an objects different appearances an individual can identify it as she have developed an ability to recognize it from different perceptive.


The perspective of every individual is different from that of his fellow individuals. To attract attention and to motivate an individual to act on it you have to put forward something that attracts attention of the individuals perceiving it. In graphic design too, you will have to make a design that appeals your observers. You can get attention from your observers by designing something that touches them and appeals them based on their emotions, needs and wishes.

In this article, we have just discussed about the outline of how an individual perceives objects and environment around him, collects information, and relates to it. In the next article, we will discuss about the gestalt’s principles and their working in designing.



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