Gestalt Principles Sit At the Foundation of Everything We Do Visually As Web Designers Part 3

In the previous article, we had discussed about the laws that work while the human perceives the object. In our today’s article, we are going to discuss about the Gestalt principles that sit at the foundation of everything we do visually as web designers.


Most of the gestalt principles are easy to grasp and understand by web designers and web developers who have less understanding of human psychology. A common theme runs through many of them. Gestalts principles are at the base of anything that an individual perceives. This is the main point what we as web designing community need to know before run an initial survey of guerilla UX research on your audience.

Principle of proximity

Principle of proximity is much similar to the law of common regions, but it utilizes space as the enclosure instead of shapes, boxes or anything else. In this principle, an individual perceives the objects that are closer to each other as related to each other than the objects that are further apart from each other. When objects are placed close to each other, they are perceived as a group rather than individual different objects.

Principle of similarity

Law of Simplicity in web designing
Law of Simplicity in web designing

An individual perceives the objects that have same characteristics as related to each other than the objects that does not share those characteristics. Any type of characteristics can be similar may be the color, shape, size, texture, or anything else. When an individual perceives these objects with the same or similar characteristics are he considered them as related. Now, we have clear idea that how to differentiate and assimilate same objects just by inducing simpler changes in colors or textures during our web designing process.

Principle of symmetry

An individual tend to perceive objects to have symmetry among them as they form symmetrical shapes around their centre. An individual tend to seek a feeling of solidity and order by going with the symmetry. It is in his innate nature to impose control on disorder. Individuals always try to bring symmetry in their life and others around them.

Principle of continuity

An individual perceives objects that are arranged on a line or curve as more related than the objects that are not arranged on a line or curve. It is in an individual’s instinct to follow a path, a road, a fence line or a river. An individual tend to perceive or move in a particular direction until he finds something significant to perceive, or to determine there is nothing significant there to perceive. This gives us a big weapon to make a continuous object with simple dots or tiny lines where less pixels and lightweight files are mattering more in a web development project.

Principle of closure

Filling symmetry
Filling symmetry with simple shape to make complex one during web designing

Here in gestalts principles the principle of closure seeks simplicity. The principle of closure is the opposite of that of the law of simplicity. In law of simplicity, an individual perceives a complex object and tries to find simplicity in it while in principle of closure an individual perceives different parts of the object and combines them and form a simpler one. While an individual perceives a complex arrangement of objects, he tends to look for or find a single, recognizable pattern. Human eyes tend to fill in missing information while it perceives something and forms a complete figure. This ultimately enable web designers to draw simple shapes in fewer numbers and make a simulation of a big and complex image without rising KBs and web page downloading rate.



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