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Some Good New Extensions for Joomla Virtuemart Developers Part 2

In previous part 1, we have explored some useful and contemporary Virtuemart extension for Joomla developers; as sliders are critical piece in effective displays of the e-commerce products, selecting the best one is wise step in Joomla Virtuemart development.

Now, in this part 2, I would like to discuss some in-site search related extensions because our modern tech-savvy audience and repeat visitors never like to use traditional navigation system and they directly jump on the site search area and expect advanced search features and functionality.

Search Related Extensions for Joomla Virtuemart

Modern e-commerce stores have fatty database due to huge numbers of the products and website has tons of visitors expecting fast loading and interactions like performance related functions. Therefore, product search system has to deal with numbers of categories, sub-categories, and products data with easy and quick access.

Customized Search

Moreover, categorization and filtering options needs customizations at greater degree. Therefore, latest release of “Custom Filter Pro” offers highly configurable search products using categories, manufacturers, price range, and many custom defined fields. Its display type options for each filters are broad and varying nature such as checkbox, drop-down lists, buttons, radio button, links, Range sliders, Range inputs, and calendar integrations for custom needs.

This filter has praise worthy features and functionality like it generates filter from the native custom field types of Virtuemart as well as can generate from the plugins such as ‘Custom Field For All’. It automatically detect and display filter relevant to current category pages.

It also gives best user experience using Ajax technology and avoid reloading pages. Moreover, its smart search features at the top of each filter offers quick results. Expanded and collapsed state of filters remove cluttering in search UI. It has efficient optimizer tools to improve database tables and performance of overall search.

Some Additional Search Extensions

“JXTC Virtuemart Advanced Ajax Search Module” is another extension for advanced and dynamic search. It narrows down search with three drill down effect fields like category, manufacturer, and product at last. Thus, for big Joomla Virtuemart shopping cart such extensions are essential part.

No doubt, for small e-commerce website with limited products suggestive search features or autocomplete search plugins are essential with normal search plugins. In due course, “Virtuemart Search Autocomplete plugin” is far better choice for many Joomla Virtuemart developers. Besides this, “Ajax Search Pro Module for Virtuemart” plugin is essential for robust performance without distractions by frequent page reloading.

Instant Product Search Extension

Today patience level of our shoppers are decreasing gradually and they need Ebay, Amazon, etc. online giants like instant product search modules to help visitors to access products quickly. We offer instant keyword suggestions by matching product titles, descriptions, category names, etc.

Apart from these, we will see some more useful Joomla Virtuemart extensions in coming parts of this series.