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It May Be Time to Re-Platform Your B2B Business

Time to Re-Platform B2B Businesses
Time to Re-Platform B2B Businesses

There are many advocates of e-commerce push the e-commerce ideas to the B2B businesses after seeing unimaginable success of B2C businesses. Recent close down of retailers worldwide have boosted their morale. However, the same ideas and development strategies are not applicable for the B2B businesses because:

Obvious Hurdles

  • Unlike B2C, customers are in limited numbers in B2B businesses. Therefore, customer retention matters more than the customer acquisition.
  • B2B businesses have fatty deals in terms of numbers of products and transactions amounts. Therefore, B2b e-commerce website demands utmost security measures as well as capabilities to manage intensive interactions and personalization with unique and tailored designing as well as coding at e-commerce developers’ part.
  • Unlike B2C, you can’t give same user experiences of adding a product in cart and pay online with a simple click. Buying process of most of B2B businesses involves contractual procedure, bespoken rates with multitier rating system and frequent changes in terms & conditions for the bundles of products or particular product categories.
  • Shipping and delivery on B2B businesses are not in standardized format. You need to deal with numbers of custom regulations from one territories to another and may subject to changes with the changes in Government bodies or policies.
  • In traditional B2B businesses, language and geographical boundaries play crucial role and force sales teams to travels frequently.

The above described barriers can be broken in online B2B portal is they are carefully designed and make endeavors to integrate various e-procurement systems of various technologies and nature. Let’s see how we can make difference by re-platform your B2B businesses from traditional to online platform.

Distinct Advantages

Online Catalogue

Today due to fierce competitions, manufacturers as well as resellers have plenty of variations in a single product line. Therefore, preparing their customized catalogue for each vendor or a new contract imposes loads on the office clerks and other marketing staff. Keeping their files, exchanges them using fax machines, attending the emergency calls, etc. are bad illustrations of office management in modern days. Thus, online B2B portal is a perfect solution where you have to do all updates with a few mouse clicks and give absolute peace to the fax machines.

Punch Out Integration

Many government agencies and big manufacturing or reselling agencies have their own e-procurement systems with different technologies out in the market. Thus, you need to make suitable Punch Out server and technical integrations with their system. Thus, they will freely use your latest catalogue with customized terms for them. You don’t need to send them copies of your new terms and conditions frequently and for all new orders. Just make one update on your catalogue and done.


Save Time

Once you move from traditional platform for B2B operations to online B2B e-commerce, you definitely have relaxed breaths in sense of timing you offer to your customers across the globe. As your B2B e-store will open for 24 X 7 X 365 ways not have any fear to loss the customers due to your unavailability to attend them. Moreover, your office would have less paper work in compare to traditional paper base system.

Save Resources

Thus, you could do work more efficiently with the same numbers of staff without increasing your strength and budget. Due to sigh of relief, you and your sales staff will attend new and loyal customers with enough attentions on their needs. Your marketing staff would have least amount of work due to online promotional schemes and innovative ways to implement some unique promotional ideas with B2B e-commerce portal.

Save Money

You can make buying and selling decisions with much accuracy. Moreover, they would base on deep analysis of the trends reflecting on your B2B online store with help of automated reporting and analytics systems. Since you are offering custom level access with unique account allocations for each customers, you have enough chances to keep privacy of your data and your policies tailor made for them. Thus, your trade will have enough secrecy from one client (customer) to another. No conflict with rates, terms, and promotional offers.

Save Relationships

Just treat your each B2B customers in extreme personalized ways as you do in real-life face-to-face encounters. You will have live chat system to do quick communications in private manner and caches on server to study their past behaviors with your e-store and your company.


Fortunately, Lujayn has such smart and skilled B2B e-commerce web development team that offers tailor made solutions with varying technological options such as Virtuemart development for Joomla platform, latest e-commerce plugin integrations for WordPress development, and Magento B2B enterprise development for giants.


Make Differences with the Best Practices in B2B E-Commerce Development

B2B Best PracticesE-Commerce developers have general perception that the all features, functionality, tools, and strategies working in case of the B2C may work for the B2B in modern contexts. This misconception may cause a big failure in the investment for B2C e-commerce store development.

B2B Differs from the B2C

Reasons are lay in the differences between both sorts of business practices. For instance:

  • B2B businesses have countable numbers of customers such as one manufacturer may have a few supplier or vendors who make bulk purchase and re-distribute products in further chains. The same scenario would be for a big supplier or a brand, which manages manufacturing by third party contracts.
  • B2B customers are performing little buying, but transaction amounts are huge and traditional B2C payment methods may not applicable for them.
  • B2B businesses may have few numbers of branded products or mostly vast arrays of products with infinitive variations. Therefore, preparing B2B product catalog and categorizing products are not easy sailing tasks for a least experienced or unexperienced B2B ecommerce development company or team of developers.
  • B2B businesses follow entirely different buying and selling procedure and needs form the B2C interactions. Thus, translating them into tailor made solutions is only way remain for the ecommerce designers and ecommerce store programmers.
  • Majority of B2B businesses are still living in traditional mind set so encouraging them for modern tech-savvy responsive experiences is not impossible, but difficult enough.

The Bet Practices for B2B Development

Punch Out Catalogue

With these insights, we can expect that B2B ecommerce store designer team first of all will focus on the product catalogue creation. In many cases, B2B vendors have their own Punch Out integration system so they can integrate their tailor made bespoken e-catalogue with the customers’ e-procurement systems seamlessly. However, in case of middle or lower level B2B businesses such costly affairs of creating Punch Out shopping experience is nothing, but a nightmare. Therefore, assisting them to simplify their product catalogue preparation is mandatory.

Advance Search

As we have seen that B2B e-commerce development demands tracing of a huge product database with infinitive properties like product classification based on their size, colors, prices, etc. properties, their site search preparation is challenging enough. Moreover, B2B clients are less used to with longer advance site search experiences so facilitating them with faceted search, guided them with suggestive search, and offering unique filters according their bespoke needs has prime importance.

Back-Office Tools

It has been seeing that majority of B2B e-commerce businesses and their customers have complex and burgeoning back-office management technologies such as ERP, CRM, EDI, OMS, PIM; thus, integration with them is technically and strategically demanding job at the part of e-commerce development team.

Designing for UX

Since, nature and types of the customers are differing altogether for B2B from that of B2C, simulating B2C user experiences are not practical answer for the perfect solutions. Therefore, offering highly personalized UX is the demand of the moment for the B2B e-commerce designers. Increasing usage of responsive devices/technologies, rapid communication technologies (IM, live chats, etc.), and pressure of fierce competition (offering infinite variation in products with decreasing price tags) are determining the level of technologies, IA, content, and usability in a nutshell.

Here persona is not some groups of individuals, but entire purchasing team of various companies with their individual unique needs. Thus, smooth and streamlined UX is the need of hour. Fortunately, e-commerce web developers at Lujayn are trained and well experienced in such intricate B2B e-commerce development so you would have excellent product with least investment of time and cost.


Some Good New Extensions for Joomla Virtuemart Developers Part 2

In previous part 1, we have explored some useful and contemporary Virtuemart extension for Joomla developers; as sliders are critical piece in effective displays of the e-commerce products, selecting the best one is wise step in Joomla Virtuemart development.

Now, in this part 2, I would like to discuss some in-site search related extensions because our modern tech-savvy audience and repeat visitors never like to use traditional navigation system and they directly jump on the site search area and expect advanced search features and functionality.

Search Related Extensions for Joomla Virtuemart

Modern e-commerce stores have fatty database due to huge numbers of the products and website has tons of visitors expecting fast loading and interactions like performance related functions. Therefore, product search system has to deal with numbers of categories, sub-categories, and products data with easy and quick access.

Customized Search

Moreover, categorization and filtering options needs customizations at greater degree. Therefore, latest release of “Custom Filter Pro” offers highly configurable search products using categories, manufacturers, price range, and many custom defined fields. Its display type options for each filters are broad and varying nature such as checkbox, drop-down lists, buttons, radio button, links, Range sliders, Range inputs, and calendar integrations for custom needs.

This filter has praise worthy features and functionality like it generates filter from the native custom field types of Virtuemart as well as can generate from the plugins such as ‘Custom Field For All’. It automatically detect and display filter relevant to current category pages.

It also gives best user experience using Ajax technology and avoid reloading pages. Moreover, its smart search features at the top of each filter offers quick results. Expanded and collapsed state of filters remove cluttering in search UI. It has efficient optimizer tools to improve database tables and performance of overall search.

Some Additional Search Extensions

“JXTC Virtuemart Advanced Ajax Search Module” is another extension for advanced and dynamic search. It narrows down search with three drill down effect fields like category, manufacturer, and product at last. Thus, for big Joomla Virtuemart shopping cart such extensions are essential part.

No doubt, for small e-commerce website with limited products suggestive search features or autocomplete search plugins are essential with normal search plugins. In due course, “Virtuemart Search Autocomplete plugin” is far better choice for many Joomla Virtuemart developers. Besides this, “Ajax Search Pro Module for Virtuemart” plugin is essential for robust performance without distractions by frequent page reloading.

Instant Product Search Extension

Today patience level of our shoppers are decreasing gradually and they need Ebay, Amazon, etc. online giants like instant product search modules to help visitors to access products quickly. We offer instant keyword suggestions by matching product titles, descriptions, category names, etc.

Apart from these, we will see some more useful Joomla Virtuemart extensions in coming parts of this series.