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Assure a Successful Email Marketing Campaign Part 3


Newsletter Email Marketing
Newsletter Email Marketing

Lujayn is not only mean to designing and programming, but also dependable friend of its patrons and their businesses. Since marketing is prime need of success. E-mail marketing is still functional and viable strategy in modern marketing. Therefore, Lujayn is extending helping hands to create HTML-CSS based emails with modern concepts of email marketing. This series will introduce its various facets in friendly manner.

In previous part 2, we have explored the welcome email types of marketing emails in this series. Keeping it continue, we will see now Newsletters types of emails in this post in-depth manner.

Newsletters Types of Email Marketing

Perhaps this one is the most often shooting emails in marketing emails genre because once the subscriber is accepting their occurrence in their inbox they are happen regularly like daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly in some cases. No doubt, exaggeration in their frequency is never advisable anywhere and in any niche.

Purposes of Newsletter Emails

  • To acknowledge the brand: For those who are not aware of the brand yet interested to know about, this email serve them. It is true that we have other media to augment our brands including social media, but email newsletters are consider as the most professional approaches yet in industry and 90% people accept this fact.
  • To update the existing customers: once you shopper coming in touch with you they are eager to know about some more similar products of your niche or have temptations to get various marketing incentives and offers from you in personal manners. Therefore, newsletter emails keep them updated with each new move on your side.
  • To get personalize touch: If you are offering unique opportunity for your patrons to come in one-to-one bases contacts through newsletter emails they like.
  • To save marketing budget on other channels: if you have good subscriber base you may don’t need frequent Ads or traditional marketing expenditure since you have good ROI with newsletters.

You may have question that why a team of developers has interest in describing these purposes upfront. Well, if we are not aware of the purposes of design how we can we implement them for a success. For instance, we have to think of its content planning, layouts, interactions through links, and user experiences at last during the course of email development and its executions.

What Lujayn Do for You

We have to design easy CMS for regular content update keeping theme of email. We have to think of acquisition cost, duration of user engagements, and revenue over reminders against the CTR on your website or online store. Therefore, we always do custom designing for your newsletter email according to your niche and needs. We go in brief on content size, be they text, image or video. We always stay relevant and give only interesting and relevant links of your website or storefront pages.