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Some Words of Wisdom on Usability

We might have heard lot of talks on the usability, but in simple words, it is easy to describe and understand usability as a web designer. Therefore, I have given a few lines or phrases regarding to usability and bring them in our web development as well as mobile development project with least hassles, but much efforts!

Phrase #1: Understand the Usability

If you give assurance that your product will work well for the average users with some average abilities and experiences, you are offering absolute usability in the product because you never let your users to fail whatever they intended and without much frustrations. – Make Product Completely Usable.

Phrase #2: Create Self-Explanatory Product

It is obvious that if your users don’t know how to use the product, they definitely leave earlier so make self-explanatory products by guiding them through visual and textual clues and incorporate most possible conventions in UI and UX designing.

Phrase #3: Avoid User Confusions and Frustrations

Users are always in hurry so create UI design and content layouts such a way that your visitors have to think least (simplest products) and can reach at their intended goals rapidly without any frustration in the usage of the products.

Phrase #4: Don’t Trap Users and Offer Free Reigns

It is a fact that back button on the websites is the most used UI element in the history of web and hiding Home button is a sin for good usability. Moreover, search field is a shortcut for repeat users as well as tech-savvy audiences. Therefore, offer all without playing any game with your users’ psych.

Phrase #5: Push Users towards Conversion Rapidly

Try to remove all possible obstacles including some happy talks with your users and push them to reach at their goals hence your websites’ goals-Conversion. Otherwise, they will change their mind and you missed them forever. In order to do this you should keep restrictions over your marketing driven grid to extract maximum info from your users by sign in or registration mess or offering social buttons in the way of checkout unless they push shopping carts in wish lists.


In short, you never let your users to go without achieving their goals for that they had visited your website or web application. Thus, above usability guidelines will make you an excellent usability and UX designer.



Use White Space as an Active Element in Your Web and Mobile Designing

Once upon a time web designers and even graphics designers for print were considering white spaces a wastage of real estate of the web or printing page. However, it was costing factors that lead print media to use maximum space whereas the size of monitors at that time force web designers to utilize the most available spaces on the small screens.

Today, both have changed and we are living in an user experiences era where we have new parameters to consider the hearts of the readers so let’s take a brief review of the usage of white spaces on the web designing front and their ultimate benefits in order to improve our ROI.

Benefit No. 1—Readability

Yes, we are living in fast-paced era where everyone suffering from time shortage syndromes and its ultimate solution is reading the text as quickly as possible. Now, tell me if you have a paragraph with condensed text and intimidating you grasp the content quickly, what will you do? Definitely, you may prefer to leave it and jump to another para or page, which is rather easier to read.

Now, if you technically deprecate that para you will find that whether the font size of the text is not good enough or the space between the two lines are not adequate to separate them properly and give ways to your eyes to read quickly. There might be some other factors like padding of paragraph margins might not enough and making it clumsy at first look.

Sure, the researchers on the readability have found out that if text font size and line height (space between the two consecutive lines) are not in ratio of 150%, means if font size is 10 then the line height should be 15 pixels. Same the way padding or leading space between the page margins and para should be somewhat more than 10 pixels or appropriate to the font size of the texts. Similarly, usage of bullets and other tricks to make texts scanning easy will prove useful to achieve greater readability.

Thus, judicial usage of white space makes texts easy to read and comprehend. The scientific reason behind it is that people love scanning the texts rather than reading it word-by-word. The same principle is working in case of images where congested typography is prohibited for sake of good user experiences.

Benefit No. 2—Comfort to the Eyes

If you leave enough white space in your image/graphics designing, it will offer a comfort to the onlookers and let them to focus on the main message of the image first. For instance, you wish to evoke a sensation through some graphics, but your typeface and their background is attracting attention first you might lost the delivery of your important message to your audience and visitors will leave image just after reading the text only.

Benefit No. 3—Smooth Eye Flow

This directly teach us that make secondary message subtle and suppress against the first one by offering enough white space in the graphics. Another important usage of white space is to make eye flow of the user smooth this directly leads them to focus on the main parts of the image

Benefit No. 5—Grab Attention

As in above para, we have seen that white space is an active element in the web designing of the content and the graphics designs so we can use the white space in some smart ways such as to grab the attention of the users. For instance, if you want to grab attention of the readers on the call-to-action button or an UI element you have to leave some extra white space around them and make the button prominent in the eyes of the visitors so they focus their thoughts on the message of the button and take appropriate action.

If we make call-to-action button heavy in size and color we can add more flare them by providing more white space around it and grab immediate attention of the customers in many e-commerce websites.

Benefit No. 6—Clustering the UI Elements

Yes, if you want to make some visual groups of texts or UI elements you have very handy arsenal and that is white space, which allows you to formulate groups, or clusters of the elements, which may grab ultimate attention and deliver a well-crafted message to the users of the website or web application.